Earn more money.

Never share your profits again. Keep 100% of your earnings from each ride.

Your own schedule

No more coming into the office late. Set your own schedule and drive with Pull Up n’ Go anytime.

More cash in your pockets

With our small weekly flat fee, each driver is able to keep 100% of their earnings from every single ride.

Get paid everday

You'll be able to cash out the rides you've given for the day, at anytime right through the app, it’s really as simple as it sounds.

Why pung?

Pull Up n’ Go is the only rideshare platform that gives drivers the ability to earn as much as they want. With our minimal one time subscription fee, we allow drivers to earn as much as they want without taking one cent from their rides. That’s right, you earn what you want.

Here is a good reason why...

Pull Up n' Go #pung


** per week

Your ride, your money. We don't charge percentages from your rides.

  • Charges a weekly fee of $7.99 per week. (thru 2017, afterwards the standard $14.99 weekly rate applies.)
  • Accept or reject rides (limited to 10 rejections per driver per day and does not "roll-over".)
  • Accept booking via phone, email, or text messaging.
  • Experimental surges for day/night
  • Experimental gender based PAX* rides.
  • 24/7x365 support via email, chat, and phone
  • and much more...

* PAX is short for passengers.

** $18.99 platform fee for active accounts. (Active accounts are accounts that have been accessed within the past 180 days.)



per ride

Charges percentages for each completed drive.

  • Charges a percentage of 20-28% for each completed drive. (this alone is one of the biggest reasons to make the switch)
  • Aggressive surging x2+

Start your journey today.

Tap the app and Pull Up n’ Go.

Step 1.

Create an account online

Sign up online by filling out the required information. Just give us an overview of yourself and your car. Each city has different requirements when it comes to vehicles but don’t worry, we’ll show you what you need in order to get started in your city.

Step 2.

Upload your documents

You’ll need to go through the driver’s screening before hitting the road. Simply upload your license, registration, proof of insurance and all pertinent information.

Step 3.

Download the app

After you’re approved by a Pull Up n’ Go rep, you’re ready to start your business as a driving entrepreneur.

More reasons drive with us.

Earn what you deserve

You control your cash flow with Pull Up n’ Go. Our app was designed so drivers could put more money back in their pockets.

Login and begin driving

Once you decide when you want to start driving, open the app and go online. Pull Up n’ Go is available 24/7.

Your trip requests

When you’re online, riders will begin sending trip requests nearby. You’ll begin seeing your phone flash, indicating that you have a trip request, just tap your app to accept.

In-app navigation

Your app provides detailed navigation so you can pick up your rider on the safest and quickest route. Riders will also have an ETA of their pickup. When they get in your car, you will get detailed directions to their destination.

Rate your passenger

Drivers rate passengers after each ride, so you’ve always have a voice.

Receive tips from riders

When riders feel connected to you and enjoyed their experience, 90 percent will want to tip you.